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Real Estate Transfer Requirements-Septic Systems
Iowa Code 567-69.2(455B) Time of Transfer Inspections

Beginning July 1, 2009, prior to any transfer of ownership of a building where a person resides, congregates, or is employed that is served by a private sewage disposal system, the sewage disposal system serving the building shall be inspected.  Inspections are good for two years of the date of the inspection.

If a private sewage disposal system is failing to ensure effective wastewater treatment or is otherwise improperly functioning, the system shall be renovated to meet current State of Iowa construction standards located in Chapter 69 of the Iowa Code. 

If a private sewage system is properly treating wastewater and not creating an unsanitary condition in the environment at the time of inspection, the system is not required to meet current construction standards.

If a property is being demolished or if weather will not allow for an inspection or new installation to take place, a legally binding agreement between the property's buyer and the County Board of Health will be required. The buyer will be responsible for completing the work outlined in the agreement by the designated completion date.  

Property transfer documents will not be recorded by the County Recorder's Office without the proper documentation attached. 

Inspections shall be conducted by a DNR certified inspector, only.  Any certified inspector may conduct an inspection state-wide. 

Our area inspectors currently include:
Kevin Kasperbauer     Vail, IA                   712-677-2261
Chad Meseck             Schleswig, IA          712-269-2875
Dan Sturm                  Carroll, IA               712-830-8897
Rusty Tigges              Carroll, IA               712-830-8602