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Recording Fees

Fee Schedules

Supplement to
A Manual for County Recorders of Iowa

Deeds, Change of Titles, Name Changes, Contracts, Contract Amendments or Document Changing Names For Taxation Or Legal Descriptions:
$5 per page + $1 record management fee per transaction + $1 e-commerce fee per transaction + auditor’s transfer fee (See Below)*

Multi-Purpose Real Estate Related Filings:
(i.e., instruments that release multiple mortgages, assign multiple leases, etc.) (Marked as one transaction)

$5 per page + $1 record management fee (includes on transaction) + $1 e-commerce fee per transaction + $7 each additional transaction

All Other Real Estate Related Filings:
$5 per page + $1 e-commerce fee per transaction + $1 record management fee per transaction

*Auditor Transfer Fees: 
$5 per parcel

A parcel of real estate includes: For each real estate outside a city limits, all contiguous land lying within a numbered section; for each real estate located within a city, all contiguous land lying within a platted block or subdivision. Within a numbered section, platted block or subdivision, land separated only by a public street, alley, or highway remains contiguous.

Auditor’s fee shall not exceed $50 for one instrument.

Certification Fee (any document):
$5 plus copy cost (per recorders’ association agreement)

Copy fees are the discretion of the Recorder

Survey Cornerstone Certificates:
$5 per page + $1 e-commerce fee + $1 record management fee

A County shall not be required to pay fees to a Recorder for filing or recording instruments

    114 E. 6th St.
    Carroll, Iowa 51401

    The Recorder's Office is on the Southeast corner of the main floor of the Courthouse

    Phone: 712-792-3328

    [email protected]

    Office Hours:
    Monday - Friday
    8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Ashten Wittrock
    County Recorder