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Public Health


2022 Public Health Clinics
VFC 2022

Vaccine Safety Concerns
Adolescent Vaccines
Why Do I Need to be Vaccinated for Pertussis?
Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Fact Sheet
MEASLES Prevention

My Health Improvement Plan 2019 - 2022


Helpful Information

Bioterrorism and Emergency Preparedness
Information on how to prepare your home or business

Blood Pressure Clinics
Program provides free blood pressure clinics.

Care for Yourself
Medical Exams, pap tests and mammograms for low-income women ages 40 and over. Heart Disease screening tests for low-income women ages 40 and over

Daycare Provider Resource
Information on immunization records, communicable diseases, etc.

Healthy opportunities for Parents to Experience Success - HOPES
Prevention services, health and development, school readiness, socialization, parent-child interaction, parenting and family skills.

Immunizations - Adult Immunizations
Tdap, Hepatitis B vaccine series and MMR vaccine

Immunizations - Children
Birth to 18 years of age (Vaccine for Children Program
Serving Title 19/Medicaid, non-insured, insured but immunizations not covered and American Indian.

Immunizations - Flu

Carroll County Nest
Promotes healthy mothers and babies. Earn rewards (baby supplies/products)

TB Testing - Distribution of Preventative Medications
TB Tests for school or employment.
Preventative medication at no charge with a positive test.

Skilled Nursing Visits and Health Promotion
Funding for home-based services.


Additional Resources:

Programs funded through:
Carroll County Board of Supervisors, Carroll County Board of Health, St. Anthony Regional Hospital, Partnerships 4 Families, CEA, & Elderbridge Agency on Aging
Public Health
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Public Health


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Nicole Schwering, RN, BSN
Public Health Director